Collection: Ilk & Ernie

We are fashion forward,
without compromising on ethics

Based in Brighton, ILK + ERNIE create quality, comfortable, and sustainable clothes. Our vision is to see every woman wearing clothes that not only turn heads but have a positive impact on the environment as well.

For generations of women that live in a society that wants to pit women against each other, we see it as our job to resist that tyranny. We are for spirited, free thinking females. Our collections are there to empower you and to ignite your confidence of self. We are passionate about our amazing community and invite you to join us on our mission for change.


Sustainability is at the core of Ilk + Ernie. We want our customers to feel good in their items knowing that they are also doing good for the planet. All of our garments are made with surplus fabric and our cut offs are used to create accessories — helping to reduce waste in our production line. 

At Ilk + Ernie, we only produce two collections a year that are refined to no more than 10-15 styles. It's important to us that we aren't encouraging bad shopping habits within our community. Instead, we aim to encourage transeasonal styling through our fun, versatile designs. Simply put, our garments can be worn all year round; just get creative with your wardrobe!

All of our collections are designed in-house at our studio in Brighton by Jess and ethically made by a talented team of men and women in Delhi, India. They receive all of the amazing treatment that a lot of us take for granted: fair wages, holiday pay, health insurance, safe working environments, and EU standard working hours.

Every season, Jess travels to India and spends weeks trawling markets and warehouses where these fabrics are cast off. We purchase, recycle, and re-use these disposed fabrics by taking them off the streets and turning them into the clothes you see on our website! This hugely reduces our carbon footprint and helps save thousands of litres of water and greenhouse emissions every year.

We not only want to reduce waste with the fabric we use, but in our factory's supply chain as well. Once a year, left over samples and unused garments from all the brands working with our factory are collected and distributed to the homeless in Delhi.  

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