Sustainable, artisan,
woman-owned label, made in the UK

Rose Corps brings colour to sustainable fashion with hand-dyed and printed garments in an inclusive size range. Each piece is designed and handmade in the UK by Naomi, the designer herself. Rose Corps celebrates the art of making clothes ethically and with purpose, focused on comfort and high quality.


I pride myself in truly sustainable and ethical approach to creating clothes, and offer you authentically ethical selection you can enjoy guilt-free.

First comes the design - I always design clothes that are comfortable and practical. I create a sample to show you my design, however, I don't produce more until I get orders for specific sizes. That way there isn't any excess.

​Then I order the fabrics - I work with a certified small supplier, specializing in organic, fair trade, raw fabrics.  I never work with mills with questionable ethical standards or the ones that cannot prove their eco-standards. 

Fabrics are then dyed by me in my home, I use low-impact dyes on all natural fibres, what means it's safe and free of harmful chemicals like AZO.

When the fabric is colored, I then print my designs. I create my own screens with my unique designs. I only use eco-friendly inks. Colours are re-used and re-mixed for the collection, so I don't dispose of inks into the water system.

Then the pieces are sewn in my studio by me. I work with strong threads and high-quality accessories to give the clothes a long life. Each piece is made fully by hand, so no two are the same. ​

With this process I can offer you authentically unique, artisan pieces you cannot shop anywhere else.

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