Our Goals


SAINT OSTOS’ mission is to be a shopping lookbook in which sustainability, small brands, and quality fashion are celebrated. We aim to make conscious clothing more widely available while connecting consumers with emerging designers offering sustainable fashion.


Our goals can be divided into three categories:

Our pledge to the planet is to create a business which evolves by helping others and nature. Fashion is here to stay, and we want to be pioneers in making it fun and trendy, while everlasting. Another one of our main objectives is to become Carbon Neutral and B-Corp Certified.

Our aim is to be more than just an e-commerce site; we want to create a community that gives back. We strive to build a positive and inclusive community that empowers women and the planet while sharing a passion for everything beautiful.

We want to make an impact while changing the perception of what an eco-conscious brand looks like; sustainable does not have to be synonymous with repetitive or dull. We also intend to show that you can be in style and support good causes at the same time— and that this can be accomplished without any hassle. In the future, we hope to be part of a society in which sustainable fashion is the norm and kindness is spread through clothing.

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