"I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life"


We see sustainability as a journey; one which might never be completed, but throughout which we will learn, develop, and adapt. Please read about the different ways in which we travel this journey below.

Materials & Packaging
We use mostly recycled and always biodegradable or recyclable packaging and promotional materials. Our tissue paper, stickers, corn starch packaging peanuts, and bags are biodegradeable. Our cards are recyclable. The packaging peanuts and tissue sheets can be reused. Our materials are sourced from companies based in the U.K., as we want to support local businesses. Our aim is to use materials that have minimal impact on the environment and do not actively deplete natural resources.

We offset carbon emissions from customers' purchases via Shopify’s Offset calculator. We also always encourage our customers to shop local and, by doing so, to support their own communities. SAINT OSTOS is based in the U.K., and so are all of the small brands we represent. Whenever possible, the products are shipped straight from the small brands.

We support slow fashion and encourage people to buy either existing items such as vintage products or support small eco-friendly businesses. Please note that we are not affiliated with the brands in OSTOS Vintage.

We have carefully handpicked all of our products and small brands in our "Small Business" category to ensure that we all share the same values.
For us, it is also important to partner with brands whose core values and brand ideology are based around eco-friendliness, and who actively work towards sustainability. This may include —but is not limited to— using fabrics with a low ecological impact, recycled materials, and non-toxic dyes; prioritising carbon neutrality; or creating made-to-order slow fashion. We have a personal relationship with the small businesses we represent, and many of them use factories that are accredited with official certificates such as GOTS which verify their transparency and eco-friendliness.

The two factors we pay the most attention to when selecting small brands to work with are their supply chains and materials, as we embrace the use of pre-existing items and materials as opposed to producing new ones. All of our products are conscientiously created; designers will introduce their personal approaches to sustainability on their individual pages, and we offer a sustainability filter option on products. Please note that because we only stock products from small brands, we might have limited availability of quantities and sizes in stock. We also don't usually restock our drops.

We are an open and honest company that thrives on transparency. Trustworthiness is one of our core values, and we require this from our partners too. The products are accurately described, and the vintage items are authenticated by a third-party company and come with a certificate. We use different authentication experts who specialise in a variety of brands. In case of mistake in the authentication process, we offer full refund and free return. We are happy to answer any enquiries and send additional pictures and videos of any products.

We are a purpose-driven business that is dedicated to doing good in our community and the world around us. This includes supporting and empowering small and independent designers.

We take responsibility for our actions as a company, and we are happy to answer any enquiries at customers@saintostos.com

By offering only high-quality items, we are ensuring that our products have as long a lifespan as possible. We encourage our customers to buy timeless forever pieces that are durable, and this way to invest in quality that lasts time. However, if the customer is not happy with the item, we offer a 14-day return policy.


We are committed to ensuring that all of the people involved in our business and along the manufacturing lines are treated well. The new products we offer in the "Small Businesses" category are also created by small, independent brands, which means that their revenue and employee numbers are smaller than an average business', and they are not owned by other companies or organisations. This makes it easier to trace and monitor the supply chain, making sure that it meets our criteria for ethical conduct.

Besides our products being ethically made, we have a no fur or exotic skin policy. Our ethical conduct is also reflected in the prices of our products— we want to ensure that everyone along the supply chain is paid fairly for their work.